Paint Protection

We offer a premium paint correction and paint protection service.

We address the paint defects by a combination of professional machine polishing using different pads and different grades of polishes with dual action sanding using film discs of various grades. This is a skill we developed working with various car brands who use this method to address paint defects of newly painted cars. One of those brands being McLaren, who has a dedicated department for doing exactly this to ensure that all their cars has the perfect finish.

We are fully trained AutoGlym Life Shine technicians, with the expertise on professionally applying their paint protection services. We use the knowledge and experience in using a wide variety of paint protection products like ceramic coatings and hard waxes, all designed to protect the paintwork of your car.

Give us a call 0n 07739469293 to discuss how we can bring your car’s paintwork to an excellent condition, and how we can apply paint protection products. We have a variety of options to suit all budgets.