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A fully mobile service where we go to your house or place of work. As specialists in the industry we have highly qualified technicians who are IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) accredited and have an ATA qualification in Cosmetic Repairs. We are fully  certified in glue pulling, having technicians who have trained in San Diego, USA for vehicle detailing and SMART Repairs.

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Our Mission.

To provide a high quality, affordable vehicle repair and restoration service. Being industry accredited with ATA qualification, plus years of experience in the industry, we are confident of providing excellent customer satisfaction. We only use high quality materials to achieve the best possible results.

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What is SMART Repairs?
Acronym for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. The old method used to be that if there is damage on part of the car panel, e.g. a scratch or scuff on the bumper corner, the whole bumper is painted. With S.M.A.R.T. technology, repairs can be limited to the affected section of the car panel. This results in a faster repair, cheaper repair costs for the customer, while maintaining bodyshop quality results.
Can SMART repairs be carried outside a spray booth and what if the weather is bad?
Yes it can. And most mobile SMART Repairers carry a tent or canopy in their vans, allowing them to carry out repairs even in bad weather
What are the advantages of getting your car fixed by SMART Repairs instead of a bodyshop?
Mobile SMART Repairs are a convenient way to get your damaged vehicle repaired as your car can be repaired in your home or place of work. It is also much affordable as the repairs are kept to a minimum and there are lesser overhead costs. And with the explosion of technology, the quality of the repairs are comparable to a body shop job.
Is it only small damage that can be repaired using SMART repairs method?
Nowadays, most SMART Repairers come from a bodyshop background. This allows them to repair up to several panels and repair whole panels like doors, quarters, etc. It will still be more economical than getting it repaired by a bodyshop, plus it will be repaired on the same day, unlike a bodyshop where repairs can take several days or weeks.
Can SMART repairs be done during cold weather?
Yes. Most mobile SMART Repairers will carry infrared heat lamps in their vans, which allows them to heat up panels quickly.
What is Lease Return Service?
When a customer is about to return a lease vehicle, the leasing company will have inspectors that will go around the car looking for damages. Costs of obvious damages can run into hundreds even thousands. We provide an inspection service where we will provide quotes for damages which the customer might get billed for, at a lower cost. This can also be applied to customers wanting to spruce up their car before selling it, in order to get maximum value.
What is cosmetic paint repairs?
Cosmetic paint repairs involves repairing non-structural damage. Common examples include scratches, scuffs, gouges on the paint, stone chips, dents, bird lime that has eaten/embedded in the paintwork.
What about cracks, splits, and holes? Can these be repaired?
A common example would be crack in the bumper. As long as they don’t affect the structural integrity of the vehicle, they can be repaired.
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I rarely give max rating early in the experience but I had no fault whatsoever to record.

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Excellent service , friendly and efficient staff.

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Fantastic , friendly, explained everything and messaged me to say he was on his way.

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